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​I create what I cannot express in words. I focus on art's power in communication. For me, art is a human impulse, like a burst of energy, which is where its power to connect people comes from. It has no limits; it doesn't matter where you came from or how old you are in order to truly feel it. Like a friend.

Muffy Maki


Drawing and creating from a young age, Muffy Maki is a creator and communicator to the core. She feels that everything, no matter what it is, holds "qi", or energy, and she feels that as she creates, she unconsciously releases this "qi" through the creation process. Through both the creator's and the viewer's perspective, she gives shape and life to things that cannot be expressed in words, and dedicates her life and energy to developing her sensitivity and communication. Her artistic mission lies in her determination to face the "loneliness", or "solidarity" of mankind. She feels the urge to get closer to and embrace "loneliness". That urge gets stronger as she continues to create.


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